Philips Product Defect Correction

Philips Product Defect Correction

Product Defect Correction- Philips


****Latest Update****

Philips have begun the process of contacting patients and replacing their machines. We ask you to please be patient as Philips will contact you directly when your time comes for them to replace your device. 


If you have not yet registered your device please click on the link here and Register.

If you have any difficulty registering your machine, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


6/9/21- Philips have advised they will be replacing or repairing machines, commencing in approximatly six weeks. The process will take a number of months and we presume they will be in contact with you soon to make arrangements.


Philips have identified a potential issue with the sound abatement foam used in specific CPAP, BiPAP, ASV and Mechanical Ventilators. They have issued a Product Defect Correction notice to inform users of potential impacts on patient health. This notice provides details of the repair and replacement program, to correct this issue as thoroughly as possible as well as providing instructions on actions to be taken by users.

You can read the notice from Philips here:

You can read the TGA update on this matter here:

There is a possible higher risk if:

  • You have used an Ozone cleaner (eg SoClean);
  • If your machine is used in a high heat/humidity area; or
  • if your machine is older/aged.

Stopping treatment suddenly could have an immediate and detrimental effect on patient health and Philips recommed you see your Physician or Care Provider regarding the most appropriate options for your treatment.

Steps you should take:

  1.  Check if your machine is affected- the affected models are shown at the bottom of this page.
  2. Register your device with Philips so they can coordinate repair.

How CPAP Therapy Services can help you:

  1. We have bacterial filters that can be fitted between your hose and mask and may stop any particles from coming through. If you would like to purchase a filter, they are available at both our Subiaco and Yokine clinics.
  2. You can make an appointment to see either Bernie or Cassandra to discuss your concerns. They will assess your options with you directly.
  3. We are monitoring the progress Philips are making to address this issue.

Should you have any concerns or questions about your specific circumstances, please contact:

CPAP Therapy Services        Phone: 93490799



Philips                                   Phone: 1800 009 579

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