Resmed F20 Full Face Mask

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Resmed F20 Full Face Mask


  • Compact full-face mask for CPAP sleep apnea therapy, with flexible elbow.
  • Exceptional fit, comfort and visual freedom. Innovative technology for a simple, effective, user-friendly experience.
  • Suitable for all types of sleep therapy.

The ResMed AirFitTM F20 is a compact full-face mask that offers exceptional fit, comfort and visual freedom thanks to innovative design.
Exceptional fit: easy to use, AirFit F20 delivers a great fit and robust seal. Designed for all facial shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.

Comfortable: our advanced InfinitySealTM silicone cushion adjusts to your movements for comfort and security throughout the night.

Easy to use: magnetic clips for quick fitting, in terms of stability and user-friendly experience.

Visual freedom: the under-the-eye frame design provides visual freedom and minimal facial contact. You can see and do more, and feel great.

Extra movement: Put away those memories of being woken up: flexible fabric-lined frame delivers breadth of fit while adding comfort.

Full face: a ResMed full-face mask is the smart choice if you breathe through your mouth when you sleep.

Designed for performance: tested to perform with high therapy pressures, bi-level and NIV therapies as well as standard CPAP. The mask’s reliable InfinitySeal and a fit help to ensure a more relaxing therapy experience.



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